For as long as I can remember, I have loved the art of photography.  For me, photos tell a story, and it is my desire to help you tell your story.  

On your wedding day, it is my goal to capture every special moment: that look in your groom’s eye as you walk towards him, that perfect kiss to seal your love, that decadent cake smeared across your lips and every moment in between.  Every second counts, every second tells a story.  I am passionate to see your wedding day bliss come true.  It is my wish that you would look back on these photos and remember your wedding day filled with joy and happiness, that it will bring back a flood of emotions and love from that beautiful day. 

It is a honour for me to share these moments with you.  I look forward to capturing your special day.

“Every second counts, every second tells a story” -Brittney Bremnes

*    *    *

Here are few things about ME.

 I love my husband more then a thousand stars, he is my encourager and my supporter.  I love my son more then a thousand moons, he is my joy and my cutie.  I love tea more then a thousand cups of coffee, sorry all you coffee lovers. I was born in Seattle, but grew up in B.C. Canada.  I live in Nashville part of the year, and Canada the other part.  I love to share moments with people; I am all about building memories.  I am a sun chaser; sandy beaches are my friends.  So all you destination weddings, I welcome you! ;)  Last but not least, I'm a lover of God and His creation.

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