I was 38.5 weeks pregnant while going on an adventure through the forest taking these engagement photos.  It’s been quite the journey this past year…. being pregnant and doing photography definitely has its challenges.  It’s always worth it when I get to meet new couples and photograph their love for each other.  The best part is to see their response!!! It’s rewarding to be able to be a part of a couples love story, to be able to capture their story is more then words can explain.  This beautiful couple was a pleasure to work with, and I feel like I made new friends.  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding day.  



I recently had the privilege of photographing another photographer in their own home.  Let me just say a little something about these two.  Juan and Angie with @thejarphotography are some of the most caring and loving people I know.  They are genuine in their love for each other, and they are genuine in their love for others.  Once you get to know them it’s as if you just added two more people to your family.  They are kind and always willing to help others.  Their home feels warm and comforting just the way their HEARTS are.  I am truly blessed to call these two my friends.




I don’t think I need to say much about this session, as you can see it has a lot of story to it already.  A sweet little family, a mom who paints for a living, and a cute and endearing couple who loves to cook together.  

  Laci, a true and dear friend, a loving mamma, and a faithful lover, is quite the inspiration.   She loves her home and is passionate about making her space feel warm and welcoming.  Her art is original and makes any space feel beautiful.  Her husband is an amazing man with a great sense of humour, and their baby Kota is precious and such a joy.  Oh and I must not forget their sweet dog “Ruby”, what a little princess. ;)

  THIS MAMMA… is a gem and full of beauty inside and out, I am blessed to call her my friend. 

 Go check her amazing paintings out @lacifowlerart. 

“Every second counts, every second tells a story” -Brittney Bremnes


HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS.” This at home session was one of my first, and I have to say I am OBSESSED with At Home Sessions.  Sarah and Kolby are so comfortable with each other, there love runs deeper then what the eye can see, its a feeling you get when your around them.  They are newlyweds and loving this life of sharing a home together.  I know with out a doubt they will always feel at home wherever they go as long as they have each other!  Sarah is a blogger and has a lot of great things to say about life. Go check her out!! @sarahtagliosweat You won’t be disappointed.  

“Every second counts, every second tells a story” -Brittney Bremnes 


This was such a beautiful wedding to photograph because they have such a JOYFUL love.  Almost every other photo they were laughing.  There is nothing better then shooting a wedding for a couple that share that kind of love with each other.  A kind of JOY that has no gravity.  

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