A beautiful day in the city of “Oslo” Norway.  My husband and I had the privilege of traveling there recently to visit his family.  It was an amazing experience to have been able to meet his extended family and to see where his ancestors are from.  I am pretty proud to be able to carry on his last name “BREMNES”, a true viking name. ;)  

Here is a photo shoot I got to do in Oslo, with a lovely couple.  

Before I went I met another photographer through social media. Froydis, who is from Norway, she is an amazing photographer, and now a friend.  We had one day together in the city of Oslo, it was filled with 3 photo shoots, and we ended the day with a mini session with my husband and I.  I can’t wait to show you those pics!!  I can honestly say that we had so much fun together, and I can’t wait to do more photo shoots with her in the future. 

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