Behind the scenes of an engagement session from a few weeks back.  As photographers we know how to have fun with our “clients”.   I don’t even really like using the word “client”, although it sounds professional, but at the end of almost every session we feel like we have made new friends.  So cheers to all our old and new friends, and cheers to more new friends in the future!!!  

This session was actually fairly cold, so I have to give a shout out to all you peeps who are up for the challenge of doing things even if it feels uncomfortable.  Even in the midst of discomfort we know how to have fun!  No one truly understands the interesting challenges or obstacles we may have, (except for the models and photographers), because at the end of the day the images always show, love, warmth, and joy.  I have to say those three things are my most important things to capture in every session; no matter the hills or mountains we hike up, the cold windy lakes we roam about, or the very hot sandy beaches we walk upon.  As photographers, are greatest moments are to capture those emotions of our “FRIENDS” and to have fun doing it!! ;) 


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