To everyone who does not know me, welcome to my site!!! 

I am excited to announce my re-branding of my photography business.  I have done photography for over 7 years, but I took a couple years off to become a mom to our son Eli.  I love every minute of it!

It has been a busy, busy month.  With stylized photo-shoots, fun and amazing engagement sessions, and rebranding my photography business.  But through this crazy awesome busy month, I need to give a shout out to a few important people along the way who have encouraged me and helped me.

To my beautiful and talented friend Angie with “THE JAR PHOTOGRAPHY”, thank you! You have been an inspiration and joy to partner with and work with during these shoots.  

To my amazing sister and friend Danae, who designed my logo, your work is beautiful. 

To my mom who watched my little boy Eli everyday so I could get my business up and running again, thank you. 

To my dear husband who encouraged me to step out into photography again, thank you my love.   

So thank you to everyone!  May this next season be filled with much laughter and joy as I get to capture those moments.  


P.S. Here are a few shots from my very own photo-shoot. ;) 

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